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The European Public Accountability Mechanisms

  • Freedom of Information
  • Financial Disclosure
  • Public Procurement
  • Political Financing
  • Conflict of Interest Restrictions
opentender-eu Making Public Tenders More Transparent
National procurement portals for 35 jurisdictions (28 EU member states, Norway, the European Commission, Iceland, Switzerland, Serbia, Georgia and Armenia). Under construction.


  • From Publication to Award – The story of the missing information in the tender cycle

    Billions of euros are spent on procuring for public goods. Our research shows that some of the procurement could be done more efficient and hence cheaper. Here, having information on the whole public procurement cycle is essential to evaluate the process and monitor it properly. Without information on contract implementation such as the final price [...]
  • Fighting corruption: are we getting the picture?

    In the past decades, efforts to fight corruption have increased across the globe. At a closer look not much evidence can be found to prove these strategies to be successful. We are still facing the same questions: Why is it so difficult to overcome corruption and what measures need to be taken to majorly improve [...]
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