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The European Public Accountability Mechanisms

  • Freedom of Information
  • Financial Disclosure
  • Public Procurement
  • Political Financing
  • Conflict of Interest Restrictions
opentender-eu Making Public Tenders More Transparent

National procurement portals for 35 jurisdictions (28 EU member states, Norway, the European Commission, Iceland, Switzerland, Serbia, Georgia and Armenia). Under construction.
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  • An Implementer‘s Guide for Open Public Procurement Data

    1. GOVERNMENTS SHOULD SET UP A COMPREHENSIVE CENTRAL PUBLIC PROCUREMENT PORTAL Currently, 23 of 34 DIGIWHIST countries already have a single national public procurement portal publishing all regulated tenders and contracts, albeit information content, usability, and reliability varies greatly. Providing comprehensive public procurement information free of charge in an easy-to-use format to all interested parties [...]
  • DIGIWHIST policy recommendations: Towards More Transparent and Efficient Contracting in the European Union

    BACKGROUND Approximately 15% of the EU’s Gross Domestic Product is spent every year on procuring goods and services, and some estimates indicate that corruption increases the cost of government contracts by 20 – 25%. It is even more worrying that corruption in public procurement compromises widely supported public goals, such as building safe highways, high quality school buildings, or [...]
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