Prof. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi

Hertie School of Governance

Role in the project: Prof. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi is the team leader of DIGIWHIST at the Hertie School of Governance.

Biography: Prof. Mungiu-Pippidi teaches Democratisation and Policy Analysis and chairs the European Research Centre for Anti-Corruption and State Building (ERCAS) at the Hertie School of Governance. Since 2004, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi has chaired several civil society anti-corruption coalitions in Romania, such as the Coalition for Clean Parliament, the Coalition for Clean Government, the Coalition for Clean Universities and the Alliance for Clean Romania. She acted as principal investigator for several large scale EU-funded projects: FP5 IBEU, FP6 JURISTRAS, FP7 ANTICORRP and MEDIADEM. She regularly serves as an adviser on issues of anti-corruption to the European Commission, UNDP, OECD, Freedom House, NORAD, DFID and the World Bank, among others.