Francesca Recanatini

Member of the Advisory Board

Francesca Recanatini has worked on governance, institution building and corruption since the beginning of her career working at the Center of Institutional Reforms and Informal Sector (IRIS) in College Park. Throughout her career she has focused on integrating issues of governance and integrity in institutional development and growth. Ms. Recanatini joined the World Bank in 1998 and has supported the design and implementation of governance and capacity building initiatives in Africa, Latin America, and the countries of the Former Soviet Union. She currently works in the Middle Eastern Region and selected European countries, providing guidance on governance issues and strengthening integrity institutions. She manages the Actionable Governance Indicators work and the Anti-Corruption Authorities Initiative to promote capacity and effectiveness around the world. She also coordinates the work on governance and anti-corruption diagnostic tools in several countries in Latin America and Africa, having completed more than half dozen reports that have translated in country-specific strategies. Recently she has begun focusing on the design and the implementation of anti-corruption programs focused on learning and prevention through the strengthening of public sector agencies in high income countries (ex. Italy, Greece, Kuwait).

She has published several papers on corruption and poor governance, contributing recently to the Global Handbook on Research and Practice in Corruption, Adam Graycar, editor (January 2012); and to the International Handbook on the Economics of Corruption, Susan Rose-Akerman and Tina Soreide, eds. (December 2011). She is currently a Member of the EU Group of Experts on Corruption and holds a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Maryland at College Park.