Ivar Tallo

Member of the Advisory Board

Ivar Tallo is the founding director of e-Governance Academy of Estonia. He has been a Member of Parliament of Estonia and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. He has also worked as a Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Estonia. He has been lecturing on public policy and public administration at Tartu University. Recently he returned to Estonia after finishing his contract as the manager for e-governance programme at UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) in Geneva.

He was the author of the Basic Principles of Information Policy of Estonia, Code of Conduct for Civil Servants and co-authored Public Information Act. At Council of Europe, he was the raporteur for the Cybercrime Convention.

He was trained in logic at Leningrad University (1982-1990) and in political science at McGill University (1991-1995). He has been fellow at the Institute for European History in Mainz, Germany (1989, 1992) and at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Budapest (1995-1996).

Ivar has trained and advised e-governance leaders in more than 50 countries. His last engagements have been as a team leader for the EU “e-Armenia” project and change management team leader in electronic business registry project in Oman and team leader in G2C project in Bhutan. From September, he will be RTA for e-gov twinning in Tbilisi, Georgia.