Stephanie E. Trapnell

Hertie School of Governance

Role in the project: Stephanie will oversee the creation and deployment of the EuroPAM database of legal and regulatory norms and contribute to the development of de facto measurements.

Stephanie E. Trapnell is a PhD candidate in sociology at George Mason University and previously served as a founding team member and research manager for the Public Accountability Mechanisms (PAM) Initiative and the Actionable Governance Indicators (AGI) Initiative, both at the World Bank. She is a specialist in open government, accountability, and measurement, and consults regularly for the United Nations and the World Bank, as well as with non-governmental organizations such as Global Integrity, Results for Development, and Transparency International. Her current research is focused on implementation processes and outcomes in right to information systems, including civil society engagement and government administration. She holds an MA in International Relations and International Economics from the Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies and an AB in Linguistics from Bryn Mawr College.