8th Global Forum on Anti-Corruption Compliance in High Risk Markets

Anti-corruption enforcement is an elusive concept nowadays. The biggest questions revolve around how it differs from one country, jurisdiction or regulatory body to the next, and from one industry to another. For example, Brazil has different laws than China and Russia. Yet it also enforces these in distinct ways, a fact that has global players scrambling for an answer to a single question: How to run a profitable business without falling afoul of local legislation in high risk markets?


And that is what makes this conference unique: A razor-sharp focus on the most pertinent, country-specific anti-corruption topics of the times.


The usual suspects in the high risk realm are known. But something important has come about: Countries previously left out of the count of “high risk” markets are now often mentioned precisely in this context. To name just a few:


  • In South Korea, graft and bribery have triggered massive economic and political scandals
  • The French government, for its part, recently released the Sapin II law, a new anticorruption rule whose effects both nationally and internationally are as of yet unclear
  • The British government’s preoccupation with Brexit could dampen its commitment to global anti-corruption enforcement and the role of the SFO, reckons the OECD


Given this increased count of countries that might nowadays be considered “high risk,” ACI’s 2017 event will feature expert panels on the most pertinent anti-corruption topics of the times in these very same markets.

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