Kick-off Meeting Cambridge

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DIGIWHIST’s Consortium Members came together for the first time to discuss the details of the EU HORIZON 2020 project which will last the following three years. Some of the hot topics were how the data collection and cleaning procedure will take place, what good work had been done before by consortium members in the field of legal mapping and public procurement data analysis and finally, how the results will be made public. Since the partners of this project live several countries or even continents apart (USA, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, UK, Italy, etc.), yet, each one of them represents a part of the puzzle that will finally be DIGIWHIST, successful communication is bound to be a key component of the upcoming months.


Deirdre Furlong (Research Executive Agency, Brussels): Horizon 2020 at a glance


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Dr Francesco Calderoni (Italy, Transcrime) taking notes



Dr Mihaly Fazekas, the “Father” of DIGIWHIST (University of Cambridge, Department of Sociology) explaining the idea of DIGIWHIST



Fiona Harrison (Project Manager): You have to be on time with your paperwork!


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Dr Jiří Skuhrovec (Datlab) has ample experience in public procurement data collection.



István János Tóth (Corruption Research Center Budapest) knows from the Hungarian experience how tedious data collection and cleaning can be.



Cambridge Computer Laboratory will definitely be very busy cleaning data in the next 2-3 years.



Clare College in Cambridge is a very inspiring environment, indeed. Looking forward to the next three years!

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