Big data with local impact: Using open data to improve public procurement – conference stream and slides


On 29 January 2018 our DIGIWHIST Project Final Conference took place at the European Parliament (Altiero Spinelli building) in Brussels.

For everyone who missed the event or who wants to re-listen to the presentations and discussions here are the recordings of the event and the downloadable presentation slides of the respective conference speakers.

Part 1

● Benedek Jávor (MEP): Welcome from the host
● Ella McPherson (University of Cambridge): Welcome from DIGIWHIST

Session 1: Transparency and data availability in European public procurement. How far have we gotten and what needs to be done?
● Jiri Skuhrovec (DIGIWHIST): Data availability, transparency, and data
gaps. Presentation available here: Skuhrovec_session1_digiwhist final conf_180129
● Commentators: Gavin Hayman (Open Contracting Partnership),
Friedrich Lindenberg (OCCRP).
● Q&A

Session 2: Snapshot of government favoritism in European public procurement
● Mihaly Fazekas (DIGIWHIST): Risk assessment methods, risk areas and policy lessons. Presentation available here: Fazekas_session2_digiwhist final conf_180128
● Commentators: Ana Gomes (MEP), Frank Michlik (OLAF). Presentation available here: Michlik_20180129 Snapshot of government favoritism in European public procurement
● Q&A


Part 2

Session 3: How to reform to address problems, the interaction between legal arrangements and civil society activism (digital whistleblowing)
● Aram Khaghaghordyan (DIGIWHIST): Europam. Presentation available here: Khaghaghordyan_session3_EuroPAM_180122
● Mara Mendes (DIGIWHIST): opentender. Presentation available here: Mendes_session3_Opentender_180122
● Francesco Calderoni (DIGIWHIST): risk assessment software. Presentation available here: Calderoni_session3_METsoftware29012018
● Commentators: Gustavo Piga (University of Rome). Presentation available here: Piga_Session3, Carl Dolan (TI Europe)
● Q&A

Session 4: The EU’s role: What should Europe do next?
● Intro & moderation: Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (DIGIWHIST)
● Concluding panel: Monica Macovei (MEP), Pascal Boijmans (DG REGIO), Nikita Stampa (DG GROW),
Jean-François Junger (DG Connect)

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