D2.3 Data Template for information on public procurement tendering and its actors

Ágnes Czibik, Bence Tóth, István János Tóth

This report takes a step further and translates the results of the comprehensive legal mapping of information on public procurement tendering into a data template. This template may be considered a pragmatic and detailed documentation of the dataset that DIGIWHIST aims to retrieve. Part I outlines the database structure that provides DIGIWHIST with a robust structure which incorporates public procurement information in 35 European jurisdictions as well as information on companies, public sector bodies, and political office holders. Part II defines the variables; specifies their data types and their position and role within the data structure. Part III presents the availability of public procurement data in different countries in terms of exactly defined variables and Part IV provides a review of the connection between DIGIWHIST and the Open Contracting Data Standard emphasising the importance of transparent, standard publication of good quality data on public procurement.

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