WP7. Management

This work package comprises the overall management of all legal, financial and administrative aspects of DIGIWHIST and runs for the full 36 months of the project. It is led by the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge where the Lead Investigator, Fiona Harrison, is based but will involve input from all Consortium partners throughout the project.

It aims to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the Consortium in accordance with the objectives of the project and the terms and conditions set out in the Grant Agreement.

In particular, it will ensure that:

  • the Steering Committee and Work Package leaders are regularly consulted regarding the project schedule and objectives;
  • all Consortium partners comply with their contractual obligations;
  • reports, deliverables and milestones (including financial statements, audits and ethical reports) are submitted to the European Commission on time and in accordance with the Horizon 2020 reporting rules;
  • the project runs within budget, finances are managed according to the terms of the Grant Agreement, and transfer of funds to the partners is conducted at appropriate intervals;
  • an external independent ethics advisor is appointed to oversee the ethical aspects of the project in line as set out in the Grant Agreement;
  • good communication is maintained with the European Commission;
  • there is a high-level of cohesiveness within the research Consortium and technical, financial, administrative or contractual conflicts between partners are reconciled;
  • progress is monitored and assessed regularly;
  • gender equality in the project is monitored on a regular basis;
  • information is disseminated as widely as is appropriate and the project website is kept up-to-date.